Put all your questions in the box, I’ll be back to answer them later.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know.

I could make up an excuse… I went blind, I was kidnapped by ninjas, I have been learning swahilli, all of my fingers were broken in a freak bird accident – the truth is some and none of those. I will let you decide which is which. Or are which. You get the idea.

So this is not a post to tell you what I’ve been reading (although I have been…), this is a post to get me back into the swing of posting and to tell you all that I haven’t forgotten (except when I have, right?)

The next couple of posts will catch us up and then we’ll start again – I will start writing and you will start reading and stop sending me little notes about how lazy I am I know I am thank you very much my life is busy and hey look a shiny thing!

You know I love you all. 😛 I will be back this weekend to do a quick post of what’s happened so far.

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Haven’t forgotten or left you all…

I am really working on my studying for this test (on the 30th! ack!) and have cut out most activities other than that. So, expect to see stuff from me in a couple of weeks.

Sorry for the delay, I am trying to minimize the distractions. 🙂

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Choose the next book!

While I’m busy working up the next book post (here’s a spoiler – I read it ELECTRONICALLY!  OOH!  Technology!), I’m going to let you all choose the next book I read.  Keep in mind that the review will be out a bit, I tend to run a few books behind in this blog (I think I currently have something like 5 to post) so don’t get all cranky if you don’t see it immediately.  🙂

Your choices this round are:

The Sea of Trolls (I got this in the kids section)

The Last Watch – 4th in the “Night Watch” series by Russian author Sergei Lukyanenko

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (sorry Pete, it’s still unread!)

Mystery book – here’s a clue… it’s got “zombies” in the title
You have a couple of days to “vote” in the comments and I’ll start on that book next.  I’ll give you until the end of Saturday night, that’s a couple of days and if you’re reading this at all, that should be plenty of time!

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An update later today, I promise!

No, I haven’t forgotten.  I have a backlog in fact.  So, what’dya say I post a couple later on today?

Oh yeah, that’s how I roll.


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I owe you all a post…

BUT, I have a heck of a weekend ahead of me and I may not get to it until Monday.  I’ve finished reading The Eyre Affair and am now working on The Sparrow.  So, some good stuff to come!

Time for reader audience participation:  what should I read next:

a)  Santa Claus Conquers The Martians (I may hate you all for this)

b) Neil Gaiman’s The Cemetery Book

c) Outliers – that one book about why people who are really good at what they do are really good at what they do.

Leave your vote in the comments!

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Just a quick update

Here we are, you wanting updates and me wanting to provide them.  Just so you know,  I’m in the middle of reading “Wicked” and it’s a bit longer than the previous ones.  On top of that,  I have an overly demanding work schedule this week, so I’m not getting through this one as a) I would like and b) you would probably like.

So, please continue to listen to my excellent hold music while you wait.  I would expect that I will finish it by the end of the weekend or so.

In the meantime, let’s be interactive!  What’s your favorite book and/or what’s a book that you really think I need to read.  Post ’em in the comments!

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Oh *&#*^. She’s done another blog

Bear with me!

While I do admit this is one more thing to (potentially) ignore, I had a thought the other day.  I was having a conversation with some folks and we started talking about books.

I’m an avid reader.  I read the back of cereal boxes, the sides of busses while I’m driving, the bumperstickers on cars.  I always have a book or two going with plenty in the pile.

And I started to think – I wonder how much I REALLY read.  How many pages a year?  What would the count actually be?  How long would it take me to read a million?

So I decided that, starting Jan 1 2009, I am going to track them.

Here are the rules:

1)  I will not change my reading habits.  No choosing books by length (unless I’m prepping for a plane ride).

2)  I will write a blurb on the book I finish, but don’t expect a serious review.  I’ll also figure out a way to do a recommendation list (me to you) and we will need to find a way for me to get recommendations from you.

3)  I will count every book, even ones I’m re-reading

4)  I’ll list the number of pages in that book, and the running total for the year.

You should know, I read a lot of different things.  I might read Koontz and then read Salinger.  I don’t tend to read westerns or romance novels, though.

So.  Welcome to my interesting experiment!

What do you think, Sirs?

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