Put all your questions in the box, I’ll be back to answer them later.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know.

I could make up an excuse… I went blind, I was kidnapped by ninjas, I have been learning swahilli, all of my fingers were broken in a freak bird accident – the truth is some and none of those. I will let you decide which is which. Or are which. You get the idea.

So this is not a post to tell you what I’ve been reading (although I have been…), this is a post to get me back into the swing of posting and to tell you all that I haven’t forgotten (except when I have, right?)

The next couple of posts will catch us up and then we’ll start again – I will start writing and you will start reading and stop sending me little notes about how lazy I am I know I am thank you very much my life is busy and hey look a shiny thing!

You know I love you all. 😛 I will be back this weekend to do a quick post of what’s happened so far.

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  1. A shiny thing? What? Where?

  2. Hey! That’s MY shiny thing! (And, no, we’re not talking about my extended forehead.)

  3. Perhaps we should have asked… Does this “box” we’re putting our questions into have a tag on it that says “Do Not Open Until Christmas?”

  4. Apparently the term “this weekend” is relative.

  5. Perhaps, if the box were only a bit more shiny….

  6. Oooh! I could put a different comment on here every day until Christmas! It would be kind of like one of those Advent calendars with the chocolate inside, only without the calories!

  7. December 3rd. Open the door and…. dammit. It’s another one of those cheap-ass chocolates. Ever notice how bad chocolate gets old VERY quickly, but good chocolate isn’t around long enough to get old?? I mean, back when I used to eat chocolate.

  8. December 4…. Why do I feel like Carmen will wait to post until Christmas, just to be ornery? And then, when she DOES post, it’ll be about “Santa Claus Conquers The Martians.”

    There’s a hell of a Christmas present!

  9. December 5th. Another bad chocolate.

    Perhaps the real reason Carmen hasn’t updated the blog is because she’s ashamed of the books she has read.

    Maybe they all had pictures of Fabio on the cover. And not the young Fabio either, the recent Fabio! Okay, for an old guy, he probably STILL looks a lot better than most of us, but I bet he has to wear a toupee now.

    Without the toupee, he probably looks like Ron Popeil.

  10. December 6th. I’m starting to wonder about this idea, but I think I’ll keep on muddling through. I think the secret of success to sarcastic blog commentary is regular updating.

  11. December 7th… An Advent chocolate that will live in infamy.

  12. December 8th. I don’t think I’ll post anything today.

  13. December 9th. I wonder how many books Carmen will get for Christmas?

  14. December 10th… Hope everyone’s pipes are running well. It’s DAMN cold out there!

  15. December 11th. I bet it’s just that Carmen is too busy Christmas shopping to update. I want a pony!!!

  16. December 12…. Almost forgot to update my sarcastic blog commentary… ALMOST!

  17. December 13. How are the Seahawks and Carmen alike? Neither one appears to be showing up lately. Thanks. Try the veal.

  18. December 14…. I think I’ll go to bed early and read a book. How ironic.

  19. “Beware, the Ides of December.” Nahh… It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  20. It’s really dark this time of year. Maybe Carmen just needs a booklight.

  21. December 17. According to her Facebook posting, Carmen wants some serenity. Maybe she can curl up with a good book.

    Of course, it could be the serenity she wants could be helped by having no one post sarcastic comments on her blog, so NOBODY DO THAT!!!

  22. December 18th. One week away from Christmas. TWO weeks away from the one year anniversary of Carmen starting the blog.

    Time flies like an arrow. (Fruit flies like a banana.)

  23. Commenting from Spokane… This internet thing works just about ANYWHERE!!!

  24. December 20… Just got back from Spokane. Got to wear the big red suit this year, since there were little kids at the party. Santa also had a gift for my aunt Marilee. A book. Go figure.

  25. Happy solstice. Have a good da.

    (It’s the shortest day of the year!)

  26. …and so, the days get longer now. I mean, not really, but there’s more daylight each day.

    Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere. And if you ARE in the Southern Hemisphere, what are you doing reading this?

    Just askin’.

  27. Wait… How did I miss a day? I was SURE I posted something! Dammit! I’ll just have to do two today.

  28. Okay, on to the comment for today…. It’s Christmas Eve. Lots of people open presents tonight. Not my family, but that’s okay.

    The only thing I want tonight is to get into Woot in time to get the Random Crap.

  29. It’s Christmas! All the presents are wrapped, and I got into Woot in time to get some crap!!


    Merry Christmas to all, and to all…. Oh, wait. I almost forgot to open the last window on the Advent calendar… Let’s see…. We get…

    WOW!! A Reese’s Peanut Butter cup! (But only because I opened it earlier and subbed out the crappy chocolate.)

  30. Just felt like adding to the harassment, umm… this is the longest weekend EVER!! In fact, I think all weekends should be this long!

  31. Hey~ I am “reading” ok listening to a book called Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet, it is about Japanese internment in Seattle and the Panama Hotel. Which is still there… my book club is planning on having tea there to discuss the book. Thought you might be interested in reading with me!

  32. Would have been really funny if this blog had risen from the dead today.

    Just sayin’.

  33. Just came looking for what to read! Squirl!

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