Put all your questions in the box, I’ll be back to answer them later.

Yeah yeah yeah. I know.

I could make up an excuse… I went blind, I was kidnapped by ninjas, I have been learning swahilli, all of my fingers were broken in a freak bird accident – the truth is some and none of those. I will let you decide which is which. Or are which. You get the idea.

So this is not a post to tell you what I’ve been reading (although I have been…), this is a post to get me back into the swing of posting and to tell you all that I haven’t forgotten (except when I have, right?)

The next couple of posts will catch us up and then we’ll start again – I will start writing and you will start reading and stop sending me little notes about how lazy I am I know I am thank you very much my life is busy and hey look a shiny thing!

You know I love you all. 😛 I will be back this weekend to do a quick post of what’s happened so far.

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